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XT2080 X-ray CT Inspection System
NUCTECHTM XT2080 is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography) inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system innovatively combines NUCTECH’s dual-energy material discrimination technology with the spiral CT technology together. With multidimensional information acquired by the system, it realizes automated explosives/liquid explosives/ narcotics detection and alarm with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate.
Designed with a larger tunnel size and a higher throughput, the XT2080 is an ideal security solution for airports, customs, stations, governmental buildings, public activities, etc.

Technical Features
  • Broadest Inspection Range
    XT2080 is capable of automated detection various contraband like explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics, satisfying security needs for airports, customs, governments and so forth.
  • Exclusive Dual-Energy Material Discrimination Technology
    Discriminating different materials by utilizing the information acquired with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate. XT2080 is approved by CAAC certification and ECAC standard 3 for EDS, which is the highest standard across the world. It is also approved by ECAC Type D+ standard 2 for LEDS.
  • Distinct CT Slice Images
    It is easier to detect the contraband concealed in interlayers or placed in a particular angle.
  • Independent Dual-Energy Inspection System
    XT2080 generates high-resolution DR images with more abundant image details, which can identify tiny thin objects like matches and lighter cores.
  • Powerful Network Management
    As a result of the network management, XT2080 not only realizes remote resolutions, remote operations, remote diagnoses , remote management and so forth, but can also share the original and processed data between different areas with the help of cloud computing technology.
  • Convenient Maintenance Design
    The modular design enables the easy replacement of key components and convenient maintenance, reducing time and labor.
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