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Customs Container Logistics Surveillance System
Customs Container Logistics Surveillance System is an integrated solution to supervise and control inland-transit containers/vehicles. The system realizes customs’ whole journey surveillance on target vehicles by utilizing a standardized inspecting procedure and track vehicles by GPS. The system can be applied to harbor inspecting, customs’ transit cargo monitoring, customs transit monitoring, as well the monitoring of goods transportation between customs’ supervised logistic parks and plants.
The system consists of two parts – Surveillance Center and Port Supervision System. Surveillance Center, providing customs with whole-journey surveillance on cargos transported in territory. The system can trigger a real-time alarm when suspicious behaviors occur, e.g. vehicle deviation from specified route, overtime stay, or illegal container opening. Port Supervision System is deployed in entry/exit ports, the customs checkpoints and special places under customs’ supervision. It provides standardized inspection procedures, automatic inspection and measurement. As a result, time consumed in cargo-clearance is significantly reduced.
Technical Features
  • Locate and track the vehicles by GPS,whole-journey surveillance over target vehicles.
  • Highly integrated automation system, high pass rate, easy operation, and low labor cost.
  • Highly integrated X-ray scanner, less space required, high stability.
  • Standardized inspecting procedure, High customs clearance efficiency.
  • Through automated management system to reduce the human factor.
Main Functions

1.Surveillance center

  • Track and Monitor
    Locate, track and monitor all inland-transit vehicles in the territory based on electronic map; Status of E-Seal device of each vehicle can be monitored; The system will automatically trigger an alarm upon any suspicious behaviors such as the target vehicle deviating from the specified route, overtime stay or illegal opening.
  • Port Monitoring
    Real-time monitor and track transit vehicles; Manage on-site inspection procedures;
  • Statistical Analysis
    The system can query historical data, provide statistical analysis function. It can be in-depth data mining to provide information for management decision-making.
  • Audit
    Record the whole process of system operation.

2.Port monitoring system

  • Business Process Automatic Control System
    ISSCS can automatically control the business process according to the equipment state and preset business logic.
  • Data Exchange
    ISSCS can exchange data with Customs clearance system. Download electronic customs declaration, cargo information and etc. Upload inspection conclusions.
  • Comparison
    Display all inspection information of the target vehicle; Analyze X-ray scanned image by IPS;The system automatically retrieves inbound inspection information of transit vehicles for comparison.
  • Checkout
    Provide all inspection records of the vehicle as a proof of customs clearance.
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